“Kinect 2.0’s Voice Recognition Will Be Improved”- Microsoft

Microsoft knows that Xbox One’s Kinect has problems when it is being used for voice commands to many users. For improving the sensor, new speech data collection is added to the crowdsource, reported by Redmond. According to the blog of Nelson, Major of Xbox believes that the more voice samples will be added to the algorithms, the more it will have accurate console. However, the keen interested person has to wait for the sample voices because it is still in opt-in process.


This is not the first time for the Microsoft because it has done the same thing with the Xbox 360. The users have to enable the system of the setting from the privacy settings option that is so simple!

For updating the voice console, you need to update 312MB from the program by using the new update option under the System from the Settings menu. By downloading the file, you will also have some user-requested features as well with automatic update option for getting future upgraded system software too!

The previous Xbox One provides sound mixer with volume control for having good voice chat. However, the updated version will give you The Daily Show for perfect listening feature. If you are using Kinect 2.0’s Voice Recognition for voice chat, you will have the control over volume levels too! So, the paired voice and background music will never hamper your voice chatting while you are using the Kinect voice chat any more.


The users do not need to wait for the roll-out fairy to get the latest system software. You will have the system update button on the settings option for having those features. You will have system software and other upgraded software as well as features to your Xbox as soon as they are available for the users.

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